Thursday, 16 April 2015

Beach Sand Therapy - Nadipathy

BeachSand Therapy (BeST )

BeST therapy is one of Nadipathy’s prominent and being used

for number of diseases.

Dr.KrishnamRaju’s thoughts and experience helped him to work

on this therapy very succefully.

A one more detoxification method in treating chronic diseases.

At Nadipathy global centre , the detoxification is used

regularly for for many patients.Dr.Raju says if the salt intake is

making unhealthy ( B.P,Sugar and other s ) then the same salt if

we treat on the body naturally then it completely vanish the diseases .In this regard,Beach Sand Therapy

where on the banks of the beach the patient should be covered with the sand slowly by pouring the

sand on th eappropriate positions till it covers the whole body.

The patient should be sprinkled frequently with beach water. The duration of this depends on

the patients disease and pulse .During this time Dr.Raju tests the Bloodpressure of the patients, that

shows the changes in the rates.

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